**Earthquake Relief Urgently Needed**

On September 7th, 11:11 PM, a devastating earthquake rocked Morocco, leaving behind a path of destruction and despair. Homes crumbled, lives shattered, and the Atlas mountain villages were hit hardest. Over 2000 lives lost, 2500 injured, and many still trapped under rubble.

Inas, our Henna Cafe manager, has heard the heartbreaking pleas of our friends and teachers in the Atlas. They need food, water, medical supplies, and blankets to survive this catastrophe.

**Your Help Can Rebuild Lives**
You’ve supported Henna Cafe’s community initiatives before, and now we’re asking for your help once again. Let’s stand together in the face of this natural disaster to aid Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains.

Our mission is clear: to provide essential support including food, water, shelter, clothing, hygiene items, blankets, and more. Your donation will make an immediate difference and offer hope in these trying times.

**Urgency & Hope**
Summer’s heat has faded hope for rescues, but winter looms, bringing new challenges. Families in the mountains need shelter and warmth to survive.

**How to Donate**
Please click on our GoFundMe link to contribute and share this message with your network. Donations will be transferred to Mike Woods’ UK account, ensuring swift support for those in need. https://www.gofundme.com/f/henna-cafe-soup-kitchen 

**A Message of Gratitude**
Thank you for considering our cause and joining our mission to provide essentials. Together, we can ease their suffering and bring hope into their lives. Your generosity can make a world of difference. Together, we truly “Make a difference together.”

With heartfelt gratitude,
Lucie, Mike & The Henna Cafe Team: Inas, Aymad, Houda, Fadma, Naima, Ihrlam, & Zouhair

20 Sept 2023.

The Henna Cafe has temporarily moved it’s soup kitchen and


henna offering to the world storytelling cafe because the Henna Cafe building has been deemed to be unsafe. Here we can see that the British ambassador, Simon Martin and his wife Sophie Martin ( both long term supporters of the henna cafe) have come to support our staff. They are helping in many many other ways as well with fund raising and skillfully supporting the British aid efforts with their local knowledge and contacts. Thank you

Today as well we have heard that we may need to make more meals and deliver them to a group of young children 9-13 years who have been moved from the mountain villages so they can attend school in Marrakech. They have shelter and are safe away from the mountain villages which are very dusty and starting to get cold at night.








Henna Cafe Marrakech

The Henna Cafe offers education to hundreds of children and adults within our community. The classes we offer are intended to assist people into work: (English language classes, french, spanish, Jananese, written arabic, storytelling, economics, business skills, art, personal development.)

Founded in 2011 the Henna Café Cultural Association operates a café where visitors can enjoy simple local cuisine and safe natural organic henna.  In normal times the profits from the café fund an education programme with up to 8 free classes every day.  Our motto is “Working together to make a difference!”

In response to the COVID crisis Henna Café has repurposed the classroom as a “soup kitchen” providing free nutritionally balanced meals to those in need.  We are currently providing 150 free meals each day. You can support us by visiting the Cafe or if you aren’t able to visit Marrakech the moment please spread the word and if you are able donate to our fund raiser HERE.

Vanessa Branson serving the 30000th meal at the Henna Cafe:


Listen to the BBC World Service report on the Henna Cafe:


We welcome guests between 11 am and 8 pm every day…………..

Please make a reservation for henna bookings

How to find us

From the Koutoubia mosque:

Follow Rue Lalla Fatma Zorha until you reach the palace at Dar El Bascha.

Turn left just after Dar Moha restaurant.

You will find Henna cafe on the left hand side after approx 100 metres.